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Why You Should Consider External Construction Management

Are you about to embark on a new construction project? This can be an incredibly complex time, as you juggle planning, coordination, management, and delegating from the start to the very finish. Hiring a construction manager can transform your project, but if you are still not sure, here are three reasons to hire one today:


  1. Lower project costs

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a construction manager is that they can help to lower the overall cost of your project and ensure you remain on budget. A highly experienced manager will know what it takes to keep your project from spiraling out of control while also having a vast contact book of relevant partners. They will also have the experience of running multiple projects, ensuring they can tackle any issues that might arise.


  1. Enhanced communication

An external construction management professional will also be able to significantly improve the communications of your project. They will be managing every sector of your build, ensuring you only need to have one point of call for finding out the latest information or managing issues.


  1. Quality control

Having a dedicated project manager also ensures that you have a constant quality control check occurring. Your manager will be able to use their extensive experience to ensure the construction is running as efficiently as possible and that all work is being carried out to the highest possible standards.


If you are looking for expert construction management services, then Kirton Enterprises is here to help you. For over two decades, we have been working with residential and commercial constructors, giving them the very best service possible and ensuring that their project is completed on time, on budget, and to the highest standards.

How to Estimate Construction Costs

Estimating construction costs are one of the most challenging aspects of any building project. Every project is different, and what might work for one client might not be the best method for another, so understanding the best way to create estimates is essential to your success.


Being able to create accurate estimates is essential; too high and you will be pricing yourself out of business, while too low can lead to you losing money. There is no one correct way of estimating your construction costs; however, there are some top tips that you can keep in mind to help you:


  1. Understand the project

One of the most important factors for estimating construction costs is to ensure that you truly understand the project. Taking the time to create a detailed and precise overview of what the end-goal is, and what is required to achieve that will help you to create a clearer idea of the costs involved.


  1. Determine the labor you need

Labor is a very important part of every project and is often an area that is overlooked. To create an effective estimate, it is vital you factor in all of the specialty labor you will require and how long each person is needed for.


  1. Consider your materials

Materials can come in a range of quantities and quality, so another important factor when creating an estimate is to understand the materials you need. You should also factor in their availability, delivery charges, and the possibility of returning surplus.


Need help with creating an accurate budget for your project? At Kirton Enterprises, our in-depth pre-construction services can help you. Whether you need help with budgeting, planning, or applying for finance, our highly experienced team can help you, so get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

Top Tips to Keep Your Construction Project on Budget

Construction projects are notorious for going over budget and taking longer than expected. The world of construction is incredibly volatile, and even the most well-prepared projects can run into unforeseen issues.


Keeping your construction project on budget can be a challenge, so here are our top tips to help you:


  1. Ensure your estimates are accurate

It can be very tempting to use a rough estimate for costs per square foot rather than undertaking the time-consuming process of measuring the entire job. However, this can lead to you under or overestimating the project, so spending that extra time to get an accurate estimate will help you to improve your profit.


  1. Choose the right partners

Another very important aspect of staying on budget is to work with the best partners possible. From the designers and contractors to your project manager, taking your time to find the best partners for your project will help you to remain on budget and keep your project completion on time too.


  1. Be flexible

Building projects are a fluid process, and things can change throughout, so being too rigidly stuck to your plan can lead to costly mistakes. If you want to guarantee you are able to remain on budget, it is important that you re-evaluate your project throughout, ensuring you can solve any issues before they become major problems.


Keep your project on budget

If you want to ensure your project remains on budget, then get in touch with Kirton Enterprises today. Our highly experienced team has been working on commercial and residential projects across Florida for over 20 years, managing developments from start to finish.


We know what it takes to keep your construction on time and on budget, so if you want to find out how we can help you, send us a message!

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a General Contractor

Finding the right general contractor for your construction project is crucial to its success. The right contractor can transform your build and ensure that the project remains on budget, on time, and completed to the highest possible standards.


However, finding the right general contractor for your next building project can be tough. Skill levels and expertise vary between contractors, and the wrong choice could set you back and end up costing you more money.


To help you find the right contractor, here are three questions you should ask before hiring:


  1. Have you completed similar projects?

This is one of the most important questions to ask. Finding out if the general contractor has completed similar projects to yours will help you to understand if they are able to meet your demands and requirements.


  1. What warranties are in place?

The best contractors will be able to give you a range of guarantees, and they will be able to outline what warranties are in place should things go wrong and any insurance coverage they have.


  1. What details do you need?

A very common reason for projects to fail is a lack of communication between parties. Before hiring your general contractor, speak to them to understand what information they need from you before starting.


Looking for a general contractor?

Are you looking for a general contractor? Here at Kirton Enterprises, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality general contractor services, having been working with brands across Florida for over two decades.


We know how important a contractor can be to your building project, which is why our expert team guarantee complete transparency and efficiency, ensuring your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Three Top Benefits of Pre-Construction Services

Construction can be a complex and challenging procedure. Utilizing pre-construction services is a great way to help make the process as smooth and as hassle-free as possible. These services cover a wide range of options, including risk analysis, evaluations, engineering, and project gathering. 
No matter whether you are embarking on a residential or a commercial project, pre-construction services can offer you a number of benefits, including:
    • Discover the viability of the project
One of the most significant benefits of using pre-construction services is that it can help to identify the viability of a project. Every construction will face extenuating circumstances that could affect it. Pre-construction will generate an in-depth analysis that can be used to create better plans. 
    • Pre-empt issues
When you have a thorough plan, you will be able to better pre-empt any problems that might occur. Pre-construction services can also help you to secure all of the required permits, understand the materials and equipment needed for the construction, and any site requirements. 
    • Remain on budget
Remaining on budget is a challenge, but pre-construction services can help you to ascertain costs more accurately, allowing for better budgeting. By understanding all possible issues, you will be able to withstand any unforeseen circumstances as well as being able to make a more powerful pitch when looking for additional funding. 
    • Boost your investment
Pre-construction services can also help to maximize your investment. When you have a clear and detailed plan in place, you will reduce the risk of having to re-do work or facing costly unexpected issues. 
If you are planning a construction project and need help, get in touch with Kirton Enterprises today. With over two decades of experience, our team is able to provide a wide range of services to ensure that your project remains on time and on budget. 

Why you should hire an experienced General Contractor

Building projects can be incredibly time-consuming and complicated processes, and even the most experienced builders can make mistakes. Hiring a dedicated General Contractor can ensure your project remains on track and on budget. 
An experienced General Contractor can provide your project with a number of benefits:

1) Time-saving
An experienced contractor will know how to keep your project on time and reduce the need for you having to liaise with various subcontractors. They will be able to resolve any issues swiftly, ensuring you can focus on the success of the project. 
2) Saves you money
With a wealth of knowledge, an experienced General Contractor will be able to help you save money by utilizing their vast network of contacts to ensure that each job is completed to the highest standards and the best possible price. Many contractors will also have the connections to ensure they can buy materials at the most competitive prices too. 
3) Responsive
Another popular benefit of utilizing a General Contractor is that they are able to be incredibly responsive. Whether you are looking for a one-off job, need specialist expertise, or simply need a fast turnaround, an experienced contractor will often be able to help you at short notice. 
4) Unrivaled knowledge
The world of building codes and regulations regularly changes, so a General Contractor will be able to guarantee that your project is able to meet all current regulations and ensuring that you do not have to face delays or re-inspections.
Are you looking for a General Contractor? Get in touch with our experienced team today and find out how we can help you.